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Wire Mesh Fencing

Wire mesh fencings aid in security of your yards, gardens and fields. These are used when viewing through the fence is required or desired. Wire mesh fencings are versatile and durable. Wire mesh fencings are ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

Barbed Wire

Barbed wires are a form of steel fencing wire having sharp edges or points spaced along the strands. These are basically fence wires with sharp barbs or points on them. Barbed wires are also employed as a security precaution on top of property-enclosing walls.

Welded Wire Mesh

Welded wire meshes are made up of high-quality low carbon steel wire. These can be used for a wide range of demanding applications. At each junction, the wires are joined by welding, and the metal is then coated with an alloy based on zinc to prevent corrosion.

Security Fencing

Security fencings are mostly used to secure and enclose spaces like backyards, barns, prisons, offices, and construction sites. These are constructed from joined metal wire strands. In order to provide security and perimeter protection, security fencings are often employed in industrial and commercial contexts.

Shade Nets

Shade nets are mostly made up of polypropylene, polyethylene and nylon. These are used as horticultural and agricultural covers. Shade nets shield crops from the corrosive sun, wind, and rain. They regulate humidity and create an environment inside the nets that is conducive to plant development.

Welded Mesh

Welded meshes are used for security fences, animal cages, & bird aviaries, where strength and security are crucial. These are commonly utilised in the food and catering business due to their low maintenance and maximum durability. Welded meshes are available in different sizes and finishes.

Galvanized Iron Wire

Galvanized iron wires are used for securing building supplies. These are ideal for the making of binding wire, barbed wire, fencing wire, and spring wire. Galvanized iron wires are an electrically coated zinc-iron alloy that offers improved corrosion resistance.

Binding Wire

Galvanized iron binding wire is used to build robust and long-lasting fences or other constructions. It is created by applying a layer of zinc on iron to prevent rust and corrosion. Galvanized iron binding wire is therefore the perfect material for outdoor use.